The EIC organizes educational excursions with visits to companies in the port of Rotterdam and industrial area. There are excursions tailor made to your demands as well as themed excursions (such as the Maasvlakte, chemistry, logistics and transport, energy and sustainability). The EIC is specifically for education: primary school groups to higher and university education. Prior to the harbor excursion, the EIC provides free guest lectures. Students thus get more out of their port visits.

The EIC works with 50 (excursion) companies and has a team of over 45 voluntary guides (former workers of the port and industry), each with their own speciality and expertise.

From time to time, the EIC look for MBO or HBO interns (communication, staff and labor, ICT, management, leisure skills, teacher training). It is also a certified EIC learning / work training for the catering company. Those interested in an internship at the EIC can be mailed to


The EIC organizes unique bus excursions with visits to companies in the port and industrial area, view points, and a visit to the exposition of the EIC. Take a day off for a tour because the port is 45 kilometers long. Very popular is a trip to Maasvlakte 2 and the Future Land Information Centre, currently under construction on this new port area.


Contact Info

Visiting Adress:
Noordzeeweg 6
3181 ML Rozenburg
Havennummer 5325

Opening Hours:

08:30 - 17:00 uur
Closed on Saturday and Sunday
Faxnumber: 0181 - 21 95 90

Phone number:
0181 - 29 60 29