Port excursion

Experience the port of Rotterdam and its industrial areas.

Excursion are a remarkable tool to get the best impression of what the port of Rotterdam has to offer, what is happing throughout  the year and what opportunities lay ahead for future training and employment.

Every year, thousands of youngsters and students visit the port of Rotterdam. Fill out the registration form (see below) therefore on time. We make and then discuss with you a customized program. You can also choose from a variety of themed tours, sectors / industries or company visits. You can tour precede a guest lecture from an employee from the port or one of its industries.

From Cradle to Quay

Large groups

On request of the port and industrial companies, we divide groups larger than the amount 30 people. This gives everyone a good and clear impression and the groups stays manageable and controllable. Sometimes it implies that we, at the expense of the EIC, hire another bus. This will be discussed with you first beforehand. Your school takes care of the formats of the group. Thus bus will remain available until the end of the excursion. Each participant must have a seat on the bus due to regulations.

Take the following information in account when preparing for an excursion

  • Safety in the port is a must and proof of identity is required. Port areas are heavily protected, the control is strict.¬†Avoid disappointment and therefore, at all times, carry a proof of identity. (ID card, passport, driving license) with you.
  • Send the numbers of the identity cards of your pupils / students and guides therefore timely to the EIC
  • The cost of the excursion, including a port guide and a visit to the EIC – port exhibition is EUR 8,75 per participant for a day program and EUR 5,75 for half a day (price level 2011). You will receive an invoice afterwards.
  • Hiring a bus is paid by the institution
  • EIC Mainport Rotterdam has its own restaurant ‘The Pantry’. Here are sandwiches, sodas, coffee, tea and snacks available at own expense.


The EIC organizes unique bus excursions with visits to companies in the port and industrial area, view points, and a visit to the exposition of the EIC. Take a day off for a tour because the port is 45 kilometers long. Very popular is a trip to Maasvlakte 2 and the Future Land Information Centre, currently under construction on this new port area.


Contact Info

Visiting Adress:
Noordzeeweg 6
3181 ML Rozenburg
Havennummer 5325

Opening Hours:

08:30 - 17:00 uur
Closed on Saturday and Sunday
Faxnumber: 0181 - 21 95 90
E-mail: info@eic-mainport.nl

Phone number:
0181 - 29 60 29