Goals and activities

The goals and objectives of EIC Mainport Rotterdam are the following;

Enhance the knowledge about the port of Rotterdam and its industrial area with student, teachers and counselors.

Providing information and give training to be able to work in the port.

To increase the affinity with technical professions

Improving the image of the port and industrial area by letting the visitors experience the port in the best way possible

To achieve these goals the EIC Mainport Rotterdam organization does the following;

Educational port excursions

Guest lectures

Port education packages – Gave Haven (for primary schools)

Havenlink (for secondary schools)

Workshops in the chemical laboratory

Projects including the following;

VIP tours process/maintenance industry

McPortEvent, for the higher part of the secondary school

Besides that the EIC works closely with;

Maritime Week

Girls Day

PSO – Practical Sector Orientation / Week of Technique

Maasvlakte – Future Land excursions for primary schools

Construction project for secondary school

Partnership with:

Ports Association Rotterdam


The EIC organizes unique bus excursions with visits to companies in the port and industrial area, view points, and a visit to the exposition of the EIC. Take a day off for a tour because the port is 45 kilometers long. Very popular is a trip to Maasvlakte 2 and the Future Land Information Centre, currently under construction on this new port area.


Contact Info

Visiting Adress:
Noordzeeweg 6
3181 ML Rozenburg
Havennummer 5325

Opening Hours:

08:30 - 17:00 uur
Closed on Saturday and Sunday
Faxnumber: 0181 - 21 95 90
E-mail: info@eic-mainport.nl

Phone number:
0181 - 29 60 29