EIC – Education and Information Centre Mainport Rotterdam

EIC Mainport Rotterdam is an initiative of the Port of Rotterdam and Deltalinqs (representing the port and industrial companies in Rotterdam in important issues of common interest). The main objective is to inform young people about the port and industrial area of Rotterdam. Yearly about 20.000 pupils and students visit the port

The EIC was founded in 1994 with the following objectives:

  • To improve the knowledge of the target group (pupils from secondary schools and vocational institutes up to university students) regarding the important position the Rotterdam port and industrial area play from a national, European and world-wide perspective.
  • To improve the image of the port and industrial area.
  • To increase the affinity of students with regard to technical professions.

The EIC offers educational  programmes consisting of the following items:

  • A guided tour by bus through the Rotterdam port and industrial area. The EIC portguides are former port workers who work as a volunteer
  • A visit to one or two companies in the port. A choice can be made out of over 50 partneringcompanies in various sectors such as:
    Handling: Containers, Fruit, Roll-on/Roll-of,Distribution centres, Dry- and liquid bulk
    Industry: Refineries (Shell, ExxonMobil, BP, Q8), Chemical and Petrochemical industry,
    Supporting services: Ship repair, Container repair, Rail Service Centre, Environmental and safety services.

The program is set up in close cooperation with the requesting party (school, university and the port companies. Groups consist of maximum 30 persons during a company visit. If there are more than 30 persons, the group will be divided.

The EIC port exhibition centre

The EIC is situated in the heart of the Rotterdam Port and Industrial area: on the peninsula of Rozenburg. The center is a large exhibition hall and meeting place. The exhibition contains an overview of what the port has to offer.

Apart from this exhibition hall (900 m²), the EIC comprises of a filmroom (capacity 110 persons) and 3 class-rooms/conference-rooms (capacity about 25 persons each) usable for all visitors, not only students.

The building also contains a canteen with a terrace, called ‘The Kombuis’ where visitors can have coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks at own expense.

Accompaniment/ Service provided

During the whole day the groups are accompanied by EIC guides who are responsible for the course of the programme. The requesting party is asked to provide one ortwo staff members per group. The staff members are responsible for the safety and order in the group during the day.

The participants are expected to be briefed about the content of the program as the excursion is regarded as an educational (not: recreational) trip.

Prior to the excursion, a liability form must be filled out. The requesting institute has to close a liability insurance for participants including accompanying staff prior to the start of the excursion.


The contribution per student is € 8,75 incl. 19% VAT. This includes the bus fair to and from the head office. The total amount has to be paid in cash at our office.


The EIC organizes unique bus excursions with visits to companies in the port and industrial area, view points, and a visit to the exposition of the EIC. Take a day off for a tour because the port is 45 kilometers long. Very popular is a trip to Maasvlakte 2 and the Future Land Information Centre, currently under construction on this new port area.


Contact Info

Visiting Adress:
Noordzeeweg 6
3181 ML Rozenburg
Havennummer 5325

Opening Hours:

08:30 - 17:00 uur
Closed on Saturday and Sunday
Faxnumber: 0181 - 21 95 90
E-mail: info@eic-mainport.nl

Phone number:
0181 - 29 60 29